HHR Australasia

HHR Australasia is an initiative of dharmic scholar, author and advocate, Sarah L Gates aka Malininath. Born and raised in Queensland, Sarah took the road less travelled as a teenager to take initiation as a yoga sadhaki. She has studied in the traditional gurukula method within the Saraswati, Trika and Gitananda Rishiculture Sampradayas since 1994.

Sarah undertook significant voluntary work in ashram communities, on the front lines and behind the scenes of the environmental movement, and through her dharmic ecosocial justice research and writing.

Her present PhD studies included building a social justice model and critical cultural studies framework consistent with indigenous Hindu epistemology. Her application of this model onto case studies is present in many of her writings. Sarah has been engaged in research and advocacy for her own spiritual family, editing many academic and yoga publications, supporting dharmic education projects and the ongoing campaign with Hindu Human Rights on Hinduphobia, human rights violations and atrocities against Hindus.

Presently the Australasian campaign of Hindu Human Rights is underway. For more information or to get involved, please contact us.

Sarah’s Contributions

Dharma on Yoga and Cultural Misappropriation: Co-Author in Collaboration with Dr Ananda Balayogi Bhavanani and Padma. Gitananda Rishiculture, Pondicherry

Citti Media Clips and Interviews on Hindu Human Rights and Hinduphobia

Journalism and scholarly articles


Legacy of Kashmir Pandits and Terrorism. Naad Journal. V. XXIX, No.3.

Use of the term Hinduphobia 1866-1997. Hindu Human Rights:

A Definition of Hinduphobia. Hindu Human Rights

Antipodean ‘Yogis’ faking it to make it across Black Lives Matter. Hindu Human Rights

The ‘Guardian’ of Hinduphobic Racism Exposed. Hindu Human Rights

Hinduphobia Goes Global. Naad Journal. V. XXX. No.3

Celebrating Lalleshwari. Naad Journal. V.XXX. No.9.


Reclaiming Humanity in ‘Dawn: The Warrior Princess of Kashmir’ by Rakesh K Kaul. Indian Eye.

NYT risks Hindu and Sikh minority genocide and Muslim lives under Taliban by inaccurate Indophobic report. Hindu Human Rights .

Pakistan far right extremists caught out framing a child for blasphemy. Hindu Human Rights.

Kick Hinduphobia Out of Australia. Hindu Human Rights.

The deafening silence of Australian media over Bangladesh Hindu Genocide: The Australia Today.


The Indian Eye. (2021). “We have an obligation to do more than just shout slogans about Kashmir Pandit Genocide”.

Setty, S. (2021). Citti Media Series. [20+ clips from three full interviews].

Book chapters

Gates, S.L. (2021). Pragmatic Non-Duality in William James, Swāmī Vivekānanda and Trika Shaivism. 10.1007/978-981-15-7114-5_4.

Gates, S.L. (2021). Ecological Interconnectedness: Entwined Selves, Transcendent and Immanent. 10.1007/978-981-15-7122-0_5.

Gates, S.L. (2020). Terrorist Violence and the War on Life.

Academic Talks/ Conferences/ Educational Support/ Teaching

Yoga teaching 2004-2017: Schools, University, Recreation Centres, Parks, Beaches and Privately.

Earth Laws Australia (ELA). Earth, Sea, Fire, Spirit Conference. Sarah Gates [Speaker]. Indigenous Kashmiri approaches to interconnectedness: Seeing in Three.

Kurukshetra University. (2020). Abhinavagupta Jayanti Lecture Series. Sacred Ecology in Abhinavagupta’s Autobiographical Verses. [resource copy unavailable].

Kurukshetra University. (2020). Application of Hindu Epistemology in Contemporary Indology. CUH Mahendragargh.

Kurukshetra University: Vedic Ecology. (2021). One and the Same: Karma Yoga in the Gita.

Gates, S.L. (2021). Crying Hinduphobia. [Lecture]. Hindu Human Rights.

Kashmir Shaivism Education
700 years of Lalleshwari Lecture Series 2020
Abhinavagupta Jayanti Lecture Series 2021

Ksemaraja Jayanti Lecture Series 2021

Secret Supreme Course Ishwar Ashram Trust [content editing, tech support]

Siva Sutra Course: Anuttara Trika Kula [content editor]

Malini Journal contributor: Mata Lalleshwari Summary, Secret Supreme Summary pt 1&2