24 August 2021

Tweets to @CAREMasseyUni from @SarahLGates1 with replies from @mjdutt Director of Massey University Centre For Cultural Approaches to Research Evaluation (CARE).

These tweets are to evidence missing tweets for those researching false reports to the media that ‘extremists’ attacked the CARE twitter handle on 24 August 2021. The NZ Police have stated the ‘person or persons’ responsible for the one account reported to them were not in New Zealand and neither are any Hindu extremists listed as terrorists.

For information on who is listed in New Zealand and Australia, or if you are concerned about security threats please see the current list. New Zealand Police, New Zealand Counter Terrorism Unit, Australia Listed Terrorists

At Hindu Human Rights we stand with victims of terrorism and believe that the definition of terrorism and extremism should not be widened to include writing letters of complaint, making petitions or asking for a reference as the tweets below evidence.