1866 origins of Hinduphobia updated at Lexico by Oxford

HHR are excited to announce that the origins of Hinduphobia, which are 1866 have been duly updated at Lexico online dictionary, powered by Oxford.

Formerly Oxford English Dictionary used our literature review from 2020 with the date of 1883 and we were delighted to announce that an entry was made at Lexico mid 2021.

The new entry updated recently

Having discovered an earlier use of 1866, we wrote to Oxford asking them to kindly update it to mid 19th C. We did not get a reply however, the proof is in the pudding. The entry is now accurate and up to date with the best available evidence.

Earlier origins of 19th C

Thankyou to Lexico and Oxford for the accurate, professional and unbiased definition and entry details from all of us at HHR!