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Finding space to be Hindu in the multi-polar world of the Indo-Pacific Partnership

An opinion on why the Australian Hindu diaspora are being silenced from all sides. A recent series of targeted intimidation campaigns against Australian Hindus since the Australia India Youth Dialogue continues to spread the same form of discord within diaspora communities dealt with in my “Kick Hinduphobia Out of Australia“. Some additional material has been […]

United Nations Must Recognise the Human Rights of Dharma Traditions: Hinduphobia, Anti-Buddhist, -Jain and -Sikh sentiment

Hindu Human Rights celebrated the first dictionary entry of the word Hinduphobia in mid 2021. Lexico online dictionary, powered by Oxford University Press, recognises the origins of Hinduphobia are mid-19th Century. This is around six decades before the Lexico origins of Islamophobia in 1920s. So why has it taken this long for the human rights […]

1866 origins of Hinduphobia updated at Lexico by Oxford

HHR are excited to announce that the origins of Hinduphobia, which are 1866 have been duly updated at Lexico online dictionary, powered by Oxford. Formerly Oxford English Dictionary used our literature review from 2020 with the date of 1883 and we were delighted to announce that an entry was made at Lexico mid 2021. Having […]

Cyberbullying against HHR’s Hinduphobia research

January 2022: Demonisation This symbolic image is part of health education on cancer and tobacco worldwide. For example the image was added by SciMex to an article about an Australian public health campaign on pancreatic cancer research conducted by Australian universities, Cancer Council and research institutes. The public awareness article states: Link to research (DOI): 10.5694/mja2.12108 […]