Australasia Hindu Coalition Submission to NZ Censor Board on The Kashmir Files

Today a coalition of Australasian Hindu Groups sent a submission to the New Zealand Censor Board and relevant authorities. You can read the submission here and track updates to the signatory list.

We attached the public letter with over 2000 signatures shown below.

It’s easy to see that this is super important to Hindus around the world from the many responses we received within 24 hours below and there are disaggregated responses from the New Zealand and Australian community to help the board make a decision.

We have made it clear that Kashmir Pandit voices should be centered in the discussions and that if NZ authorities need to hear from them, they are welcome to contact us.

In the media: ‘Acknowledge our exodus’: Australian Kashmiri Pandits say film recalls ‘harrowing memories’ (

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Copy of letter with signatories

New Zealand Citizen responses to the withdrawal of The Kashmir Files from screens (7 pages)

Voices of India Wordcloud

All Personal Responses [unedited]